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AI Drives Improvement in Healthcare, But Gaps Curb Full Adoption

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Samantha McGrail

A recent Change Healthcare study found that artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a wide range of improvements in healthcare, but the approach is tactical and not end-to-end.

In the study, Poised to Transform: AI in the Revenue Cycle, researchers measured healthcare executives’ familiarity with AI, discovered areas for improvement, and learned how the technology is used now and will be used in the future.

Specifically, they found that AI will transform the way doctors, hospitals, and healthcare systems collect and manage their revenue cycles,with 98 percent of healthcare leaders anticipating using AI in revenue cycle management (RCM) and 65 percent reporting that they currently use AI for RCM.

Additionally, 81 percent of executives are already conducting a tech evaluation reviewing AI technology providers, solutions, or software systems to improve...

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