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A predictive cybersecurity diagnosis for healthcare

Healthcare Global

Saket Modi, Co-Founder and CEO at SAFE Security

For the past 11 years, the healthcare industry has been the most impacted by data breaches. In fact, the average total cost of a breach increased from $7.13 million in 2020 to $9.23 million in 2021, a 29% increase in just one year, per the 2021 Cost of a Data Breach report.

Unfortunately, cyberattacks in this sector are not just limited to financial, regulatory, or reputational impacts. They also directly put patient safety at risk. For example, in 2019, Israeli researchers showed that medical scans are vulnerable to being edited and manipulated.

In 2021, Swisslog, a pneumatic tube supplier, experienced a widespread firmware vulnerability that put thousands of hospitals at risk for...

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