95% of Health IT Leaders to Adopt Cloud Strategies, IBM Finds

HIT Infrastructure

Samantha McGrail

A new IBM survey found that 95 percent of IT leaders at mid-sized and large companies in the US and UK are looking to adopt public, hybrid, or private cloud strategies due to the increased demand from COVID-19.

But according to The State of IT Transformation Study conducted by the managed infrastructure services unit of IBM's global technology services division, most IT leaders believe that their organizations are not prepared for the future IT needs.

Specifically, out of 380 CIOs and CTOs who participated in the survey, 60 percent reported that their company’s IT modernization program is not yet ready for future use.

Additionally, about 24 percent of CIOs and CTOs said their company is just starting its IT modernization journey or has yet to begin modernizing. And nearly one-third are in the middle of transformation.

Most IT leaders looking to migrate are

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