80% of senior IT leaders see cybersecurity protection deficits

Tech Republic

Esther Shein

Nearly 80% of senior IT and IT security leaders believe their organizations lack sufficient protection against cyberattacks despite increased IT security investments made in 2020 to deal with distributed IT and work-from-home challenges, according to a new IDG survey commissioned by Insight Enterprises.

That high level of concern over the ability to withstand cyber threats in today's complex IT environment is causing 91% of organizations to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021, nearly matching the 96% that boosted IT security spending in 2020, according to the survey by Insight's Cloud + Data Center Transformation team.

The survey examined the impact of the distributed IT landscape and pandemic-related transition to a remote workforce on IT security, including shifts in modernization priorities, projects undertaken in 2020 and...

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