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7 Ways to Combat Internal Security Threats

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Andy Stone

As the enterprise attack surface continues to expand, businesses will need to use multiple defenses to combat digital threats. Career cybercriminals continually change up their methods of seizing control of your data for profit. Staying a step ahead of them is both challenging and critical.

But these anonymous offenders aren’t the only source of risk. Company insiders may also open you up to a breach, intentionally or by mistake. In fact, about a third of all enterprise cybersecurity incidents in 2021 will stem from insider threats, according to Forrester. That figure represents an 8% increase from 2020 in insider risk.

What’s Behind This Growth in Insider Threats?
One reason for the growing insider threat is the rapid proliferation of distributed workforces, driven by more than a year of lockdowns. Increasing numbers of employees are now integrating work and personal digital tasks on devices connected to home networks, for example, which may be less secure than the corporate network.

In mid-2020, 70% of...

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