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7 Ransomware Trends: Gangs Join Forces, Auction Stolen Data

Mathew J. Schwartz

Ransomware gangs continue to innovate. Indeed, barely a day seems to go by without news of yet another high-profile victim of crypto-locking malware coming to light.

In just the past week, for starters, reports have emerged of a collaboration between the Maze and Lockbit gangs, as well as the REvil - aka Sodinokibi - operators not leaking stolen data for free when victims don't pay, but instead auctioning it off to the highest bidder. And despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many gangs have continued to pummel the healthcare sector and its suppliers.

Here are seven of the latest ransomware trends.

1. Maze Offers 'Data Leaking as a Service'
The Maze ransomware gang was the first to begin...

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