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7 Emerging Ransomware Groups Practicing Double Extortion

Healthcare Info Security

Mathew J. Schwartz

After a string of high-profile hits in the middle of this year, a number of the largest and most notorious ransomware operations disappeared.

Beginning in May, ransomware attacks by Russian-language groups Conti against Ireland's health service, DarkSide against U.S.-based Colonial Pipeline, and REvil against meat processing giant JBS and remote management software firm Kaseya led the Biden administration to try to better disrupt the ransomware business model. The White House has put Russia on notice that if it won't disrupt ransomware-wielding criminals operating from inside its borders, then the U.S. reserves the right to do so.

In short order, DarkSide and REvil disappeared, as did Avaddon, with experts saying they appeared to be running scared. All were...

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