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6 new technology trends in the healthcare industry


From IoT to new Artificial Intelligence systems. From personalization to Mixed Reality and blockchain. Here are the new technology trends in healthcare industry.

“Digital Health” is an expression that you will hear more and more often in the coming months and years. It’s an expression that indicates the implementation of digital technologies to improve the health and well-being of all of us, as individuals, but also as a community.

We are talking about a market sector that is relatively new, and with a value that was already hitting important figures by the end of 2019: $101.4 billion, according to Research and Market estimates. Again, according to the estimates of the same institute, this share will more than double by 2023, reaching $223.7 billion ( In turn, Global Market Insights forecasts a total share of $379 billion by 2024 and $639 billion by 2026 ( In short, what is evident from these numbers is that we are talking about a sector in impetuous growth, which still shows huge margins.

Healthcare industry: new technology trends to consider
In this previous blog post, we focused on the importance of this sector, how it is organized, and what moves within it. Now, instead, we want to look ahead and broaden the focus on the technology trends in healthcare industry.

We have divided them into 6 key points, which we present below.

1. IoMT – That is, the “Internet of Medical Things”
One of the widest and most promising frontiers of the digital world is...

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