5G will be crucial for the security of critical sectors like healthcare


5G will not just have lightning-fast connectivity and ultra-low latency when the latest-generation wireless technology becomes more widespread in critical industries such as healthcare and manufacturing – 5G will be pivotal to providing adequate security support as well.

Unlike its predecessor standards like 3G and 4G which were more geared towards improving the consumer experience over the previous generation, 5G will be the first wireless technology to be largely focused on critical sectors such as hospitals and manufacturing plants, according to a networking cybersecurity expert.

Oscar Visaya, the Philippines’ Country Manager for American cybersecurity specialists Palo Alto Networks, told a virtual briefing recently that while 5G will play an integral role in protecting digital infrastructure in important industries, a new wireless standard like 5G will undoubtedly come with a host of new security issues.

Given how influential 5G will be in the coming years, Visaya says...

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