5G Technology: Driving the Cybersecurity Evolution

Infosecurity Magazine

C. P. Gurnani

While the proverb ignorance is bliss may be welcomed in situations when one is happier not knowing, in the cyber world, wilful ignorance can cause tremendous harm, opening oneself up to manipulation and attack. Cybersecurity is an essential part of business today, so it is imperative that corporations invest heavily in technology to protect themselves and their clients from a growing legion of sophisticated cyber-criminals who are constantly devising new ways to hack into a system and steal confidential data and personal information.

This is extremely troublesome in normal times but especially problematic as the world continues to battle a global pandemic that has forced organizations to disperse their employee populations to remote working environments, leaving themselves even more vulnerable to attack. Not surprisingly, cyber-attacks have increased exponentially.

Cyber-resilience, the ability for a company to deliver intended results despite cyber-attacks, will be...

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