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5 ways healthcare communication is evolving

Healthcare Global

Joost Bruggeman

Healthcare has been irrevocably changed by COVID-19. Everybody had to learn about COVID-19 on the go, which highlighted the importance of good communication in healthcare.

At Siilo, we’ve long known that communicating and collaborating is critical to delivering high quality patient care, but COVID-19 has exposed the personal strength of our medical professionals and the inflexibility of our current healthcare systems. Now is when mobile technology can truly come into its own as an essential tool for treating patients with real-time insights from around the world.

Here are five ways that we see healthcare communication changing in response to the impact of COVID-19.

Proactive users – on the professional side
Medical professionals will increasingly search out tech solutions to better coordinate with their teams. They won’t wait for administrations to impose new regulations; they’ll find and use the tools they need themselves. This was already the case before COVID-19 thanks to the ongoing shift from analogue to digital workflow tools, but the importance of mobile, asynchronous communication shot to the forefront when the pandemic struck.

In order for medical professionals to...

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