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5 ways Internet of Medical Things will impact health tracking


Vaishnavi Desai

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) – medical devices and applications that are connected to the healthcare IT systems are expected to grow at a significantly higher rate, particularly between 2018-2023. Wearable health trackers, such as the smartwatches – elements of IoMT, are increasingly becoming mainstream products. Capable of tracking our health data, these devices can help us better understand our overall health and fitness.

According to a wearable tracker report published by IDC, the Indian wearables market saw a massive surge in growth by 144.3%, as compared to 2019, making India the only country in the top three that saw a three-digit growth in 2020. In fact, over the next few years, it is the healthcare industry that is expected to drive the entire wearable devices and technology market – thanks to the availability of cutting-edge products for health and fitness.

Now as the future of health-tracking wearables looks bright than ever before, we asked five Impact Creators to share why a health-tracking wearable is worth considering:

They track our exercise, breathing, heart rate and more

“Wearables are helping us...

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