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5 things for CISOs to know amid COVID-19 pandemic

Becker's Hospital Review

Mackenzie Garrity

Hospital executives are working day and night keep staff safe and update operations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including chief information security officers.

Here are five things for CISOs to know:

1. The explosion of telehealth has put a strain on remote access technologies, Mitch Parker, CISO of Indianapolis-based Indiana University Health, told InfoRisk Today. CISOs must also pay close attention to emerging medical device securities issues, including new ventilators being put into stockpiles. Privacy and security challenges may also emerge as hospitals transition to paper records in field locations.

2. Microsoft has warned dozens of hospitals of a vulnerability allowing a hacker to exploit their networks in a ransomware attack. The vulnerabilities are within virtual private networks that hospitals are using as some of their staff work remotely. Additionally, popular videoconferencing platform Zoom is struggling to manage the dramatic influx in users and privacy issues as the COVID-19 pandemic drives more people to work remotely. The FBI has issued a warning on videoconferencing hijacking, prompted by incidents on the Zoom platform.

3. Many COVID-19 cyberattacks have ...

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