5 things CEOs should know about the cloud

Becker's Health IT

Hannah Mitchell

Cloud computing has expanded during the pandemic so healthcare organizations can enable remote work and expand telehealth, but a 2020 Accenture study found just 37 percent of C-suite executives felt they fully achieved the outcomes they expected from their cloud initiatives.

Here are five things healthcare leaders need to know about the cloud, according to a March 10 article published by Harvard Business Review:

Data security concerns are a valid fear.
Many healthcare organizations refrain from putting patients' personal data on a public cloud and adopt a hybrid model. A hybrid model allows organizations to keep private data off the cloud to maintain control over sensitive data.

"Lift and shift" is popularly used to step away from legacy infrastructure.
Lift and shift replicates on-premise infrastructure and does not redesign applications. Some companies use this strategy to move to the cloud while minimizing disrupting their daily operations.

There are three major cloud softwares...

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