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5 key qualities of successful CISOs, and how to develop them

CSO Online

Michael Hill

The role of the CISO is relatively immature in comparison to other, longer standing C-level business positions such as CEO, COO, or CFO, but it has evolved significantly in just the last few years alone. Today’s CISOs are required to be somewhat different from the traditional security leaders of the past, and that is reflective of two things: the vital and growing role data plays in the everyday running of a business and increased expectations of the security function to keep that data safe and operational.

“Previously, the CISO role was solely technology focused, and that technological aspect will remain foundational,” Tami Hudson, CISO at Randstad North America, tells CSO. “However, in our increasingly digitized and data-driven environment, the CISO role has provided a unique opportunity at the intersection of technology and business...

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