5 Strategies to Improve Healthcare Cyber Resiliency

Health IT Security

Jill McKeon

Cyber resiliency is the armor that healthcare organizations need to defend against cybercriminals. Equipped with the tools to prevent, prepare, and respond, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a cyberattack victim.

Mac McMillan, CEO of CynergisTek, has over 40 years of experience in security in risk management. McMillan suggests that organizations change the way they approach cybersecurity and focus on strengthening enterprise-wide security through actionable strategies.

“We have to focus on being more resilient,” McMillan emphasized. “Focus on the ability to detect, to respond, and to react in a way that allows us to either avoid to some degree or mitigate what happens when we get hit with a cyberattack.”

McMillan shared five strategies organizations should consider in order to improve...

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