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5 Steps to Secure Internet of Medical Things Devices

HealthTech Magazine

Tanya Candia

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices have been a game changer for the healthcare industry, driving down costs and helping improve patient care and comfort. But their widespread use in hospitals can make them a huge target for cybercriminals, exposing vulnerabilities and posing security challenges.

Healthcare organizations should consider several important steps to strengthen and enforce security for the many devices that keep their operations moving.

Ubiquity and Vulnerability in IoMT Devices
The average hospital room has 15 to 20 connected medical devices. Some IoMT devices include MRI machines, IV pumps, patient monitors, ventilators, therapeutic lasers, smart beds and remote intensive care unit telemetry. Other devices figure prominently in remote wellness and chronic disease monitoring, such as infusion and insulin pumps.

These devices can...

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