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5 Steps to Building a Cyber-Aware Organization

Security magazine

Chris Ripkey and Vito Nozza

While the increased risk of cyber-attacks, further fueled by the pandemic, is in the news daily, too many organizations continue to lag in their planning and preparedness. There are countless stories of entities across the business and societal landscape, from big corporations to hospitals to schools, navigating data breaches and other forms of cyber-attacks that put their organizations, employees and stakeholders at risk. Cybercriminals are always looking for their next target and their tactics are continually evolving. The question is how to keep one step ahead or, at the very least, to keep pace with best practices?

There are many steps and strategies to help your organization protect itself from cyber-attacks. These steps do not include waiting for a breach to occur before standing up an experienced incident response team. Nor do they include paying ransom to cybercriminals who have locked your drives and data. By submitting to...

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