5 CISO Priorities During the COVID-19 Response

Security Boulevard

Christian Wiens

Imagine serving as a CISO for a prominent enterprise and being thrown into a situation where overnight 80 to 100 percent of your workforce moves inside and begins working remotely. The logistics challenges alone are almost too daunting to imagine.

Meanwhile, your organization, like hundreds of others, has become a favored target for hackers, who have been lying in wait for a significant disruption like this.

To make matters worse, you have no idea when things will return to normal, or if “normal” will mean something new a few months from now. You may need to develop more permanent remote systems security solutions.

These scenarios are not imaginary, but playing out right now in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic response. CISOs and security leaders all over the world are confronting how they will deal with foundational issues:

· Prioritization shifts. Which assets are more vulnerable now than they were at the beginning of 2020?

· Day-to-day operations. How does a remote workforce change routine security tasks? How do InfoSec tasks get assigned and tracked among the team members? How will security updates be distributed and verified efficiently?

· Overall security posture. Do you need to take on a more hawkish approach to security threats across the board? Can you shift resources away from on-prem and apply them to the new remote environment without sacrificing overall security?

CISOs must not only confront these questions, but they also have to...

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