49% of patients would change hospitals if theirs were hit by ransomware attack

Becker's Healthcare

Hannah Mitchell

Although ransomware attacks on hospitals seem ubiquitous, most patients are unaware of attacks on hospitals despite the influence it has on them when choosing a hospital at which to receive care, a study says.

Researchers launched a study on behalf of Armis to gauge perceptions on cyberattacks on hospitals, according to a Nov. 10 news release. There were 2,030 U.S. patients and 400 U.S. health IT professionals who participated in the survey, conducted in October.

Six survey insights:

Fifty-eight percent of health IT professionals said ransomware hackers have hit their organization and 85 percent said cyber risks have increased in the last 12 months.
Sixty-three percent of IT professionals said their organization submitted a cybersecurity insurance claim because...

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