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4 predictions for security in 2021

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Ben Carr

The role of CISO is changing as security is treated less and less as a silo. Businesses are starting to see that in order to protect their organisation they need a true business leader in the role. In an unprecedented year, the CISO has had to make many decisions very quickly that both align with the business while maintaining good risk tolerance and policy.

This is unlikely to change in 2021, where they will face budget stress, new risks and a new work economy. For CISOs, what will 2021 hold, and where should they put their efforts to have the most impact?

Prediction #1 - cleaning up after the pandemic means back to basics
After 2020 was spent scrambling to cope with COVID-19, CISOs will want to double down on doing the basics well over the next year. They will want to get ahead of...

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