4 healthcare cloud security recommendations for 2022


Despite initial hesitation, healthcare is increasingly moving to the cloud. In a July 2020 survey from Spok, 67% of healthcare professionals said there were no applications that they would not host in the cloud.

There’s no secret as to why: McKinsey has estimated that migrating to the cloud could generate up to $140 billion in additional value for healthcare companies by 2030 in terms of cost reduction, new product development and overall growth.

Still, many healthcare organizations have hesitations about moving to the cloud. Security is a particular concern, as the cloud expands the network perimeter beyond the four walls of the hospital to outpatient clinics, urgent care centers and even individual patients’ homes.

To help healthcare continue its transition to the cloud – whether as part of an ongoing strategic initiative or as a sudden shift due to the need to provide remote care due to COVID-19 – Damian Chung, business information security officer for Netskope, provides four security recommendations for...

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