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4 Sophisticated Phishing Campaigns Impacting the Healthcare Sector

Jessica Davis

Hackers have leveraged the COVID-19 public health crisis to improve the sophistication and increase the frequency of attacks. Specifically, email phishing that targets enterprise organizations dominate the threat landscape, with the healthcare sector among the most targeted amid the public health crisis.

In the last year, Microsoft blocked 13 billion malicious and suspicious emails, of which 1 billion were URLs set up with the explicit purpose of phishing credential attacks. And as threat actors continue to hone their methods, these attacks have become increasingly harder to detect.

Indeed, previous data from IRONSCALES found healthcare recipients are the biggest target for credential theft attempts through social engineering attempts and spoofed login pages. During the first half of 2020, researchers identified over 50,000 fake login pages for 200 prominent brands.

“The operation, commonly known as...

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