4 Healthcare Technology Trends Expected to Boom During COVID-19

HealthTech Magazine

Doug Bonderud

When the pandemic hit in full force last March, healthcare organizations had to pivot overnight. What was once impossible became necessary, and what was once unlikely became an everyday occurrence. While this disruption came with growing pains — health organizations faced supply, staff and support shortages for months on end — the World Economic Forum notes that “the industry’s response has vividly demonstrated its resilience and ability to bring innovations to market quickly.”

In other words, the proverbial cat is out of the bag — and there’s no putting healthcare innovation back once pandemic pressures ease. Here’s a look at four key technology trends healthcare enterprises can expect in 2021 as COVID-19 comes under control.

1. Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
Although the first few months of the pandemic came with unparalleled uncertainty, ongoing work into the causes, mechanisms and mortality of the disease have yielded valuable healthcare data. By the beginning of December, researchers from...

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