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4 Critical Responsibilities of a CISO Post COVID-19


Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus disease, organizations across the globe encountered dramatic changes in their business operations.

The swift adaption of the work from home strategy has increased the risks more than ever. In addition, the ongoing crisis has significantly impacted the role of CISOs and other security leaders globally, making them digitally empathetic to deal with new cybersecurity challenges.

The new cybersecurity priorities post COVID-19 that will become the new normal for most CISOs, will include:

1. Securing Remote Employees
With organizations working remotely, the security of employees’ devices became a major concern for security leaders across the globe. There was a rise in the need to secure endpoints, as multiple access points from multiple locations are connected to a corporate network. However, the lack of security in remote work environments exposes vulnerable devices to potential cyberattacks. New security policies have been created and certain permissions are relaxed due to the swift change in the remote work culture. Several industry experts stated that the surge in remote work increased the risks of cyberthreats like never before. The ongoing crisis forced CISOs to work uphill in order to meet the risk assessments.

2. Quick Actions Required
The ongoing crisis has forced organizations to...

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