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3 tips for balancing data security and usability

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Jason Dobbs, CTO, PKWARE

Organizations have many challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, and one that is top of mind for many is striking the right balance between the usability of data and upholding the proper security of that data.

The truth is, for most employees, security is an afterthought – they just want to have access to the data they need when and where they need it, and get their jobs done. Most security measures, however, reduce the usability of data.

For example, access control lists prevent users from accessing information and prevent them from knowing and understanding that data even exists. Encryption typically breaks real-time collaboration and search – and there’s nothing organizations can do about it. Search works by indexing information, so making it available again is counter intuitive as it defeats the whole purpose of protecting the data in the first place. Additionally, relying on employees to manage keys is like asking an employee to have a different password for every website – they just won’t do it.

So, how do...

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