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3 Ways Healthcare Orgs Can Work to Prevent Insider Security Threats

HIT Consultant

Sanjay Joshi, Global CIO Healthcare and Life Sciences at Tanium

Though it’s often “highly sophisticated” or “nation-state” attackers that make headlines, the truth is that healthcare’s most overlooked cybersecurity threats are within the IT ecosystem. In fact, according to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, nearly 40 percent of all global security incidents in 2020 were caused by inside actors. These insider threats are often not malicious in nature, but accidental errors, such as employees clicking on phishing links, using weak passwords, or improperly storing sensitive files.

And while those activities, unfortunately, happen across every industry, the stakes are much higher in healthcare. Through more than three decades working in the healthcare space, I’ve seen first-hand how outages can routinely put hospitals and patients in extremely dangerous positions, and breaches can result in the exposure of highly sensitive data. Just last month, the personal information of...

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