3 CISOs share their best tips to avoid employee cybersecurity mishaps

Becker's Health IT

Hannah Mitchell

There has been an increase in data breaches caused by employee-related mishaps, both with malicious intent and without. Three chief information security officers shared with Becker's their best tip for avoiding cybersecurity mishaps by employees:

Kate Pierce. CIO and CISO of North Country Hospital (Newport, Vt.): Cybersecurity is a growing concern for nearly every healthcare organization. Insider threats make up between 60 and 85 percent of all cyber threats, depending on which report you reference. However, only roughly 20-25 percent of those are actually intentional criminal activity. My recommendations on how to address this growing issue are:

1. Implement a robust end-user cyber-education program to help minimize unintentional cyberthreat opportunities from entering your organization.

2. Diligently implement least privilege access for all users to help prevent accidental access to highly sensitive areas.

3. if the first two options are...

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