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207K Rehoboth McKinley Patients Tied to Conti Ransomware, Data Leak

Health IT Security

Jessica Davis

Two months after the Conti ransomware hacking group leaked data they claim to have stolen from Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services (RMCHCS), 207,195 patients are being notified of the attempted data extortion stemming from their personal information.

As the FBI recently warned, the Conti group has been actively targeting the healthcare sector for the last year, claiming at least 16 healthcare-related entities.

In mid-February, Conti actors posted 2 percent of the overall data they asserted came from a hack on the New Mexico provider. The dark web posting included files titled 'passports', 'driver’s licenses', and 'bill of sale'.

At the time, the threat actors’ legitimate internet posting, examined by...

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