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2021 Hacker Report: Hackers are not just driven by money

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As organizations’ attack surfaces have shifted due to pandemic led digital transformation, hackers have adapted and zeroed in on emerging threats. Reports for vulnerabilities caused by trends like moving to the cloud have proliferated in the past year, with misconfiguration vulnerabilities rising by 310%.

Other key findings

38% of hackers spent more time hacking since the COVID-19 pandemic started

Top hackers, on average, are reporting bugs across 20 different vulnerability categories, with a 53% rise in submissions for both Improper Access Control and Privilege Escalation

Half the hackers surveyed have not reported a bug because of a lack of a clear reporting process, or a previous negative experience

Hackers are not just driven by money, 85% of hackers do it to learn and 62% do it to advance their career

Hackers are expanding...

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