2020 offered a ‘perfect storm’ for cybercriminals with ransomware attacks costing the industry $21B

Fierce Health Payer

Brian T. Horowitz

Ransomware attacks cost the healthcare industry $20.8 billion in downtime in 2020, which is double the number from 2019, according to an annual report by Comparitech, a company that reviews technology products.

The Comparitech report found that 92 individual ransomware attacks occurred at healthcare organizations, and 600 clinics, hospitals and organizations were affected. In addition, more than 18 million patient records were impacted by these ransomware attacks, a 470% increase from 2019, the report revealed.

In fact, 2020 brought the most ransomware attacks on healthcare providers in the past five years, according to Paul Bischoff, editor of Comparitech. Hackers collected more than $2.1 million in ransom payments.

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In 2020, the number of ransomware attempts against the...

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