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2 Overlooked Cost-Effective Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategies to Minimize Risk

HIT Consultant

Richard Lang, Director of Data Center Services at HST Pathways

The Office of the White House recently issued a Proclamation marking October as Cyber Security Awareness Month and shared this year’s theme: “Do Your Part. Be Cyber Smart.” Threats are indeed on the rise, posing a significant risk to private businesses, public infrastructure, and national security, especially as the nation has increasingly adapted to a remote environment in the continuing battle against COVID. As businesses look to “do their part” to combat cybersecurity threats, they will need to be strategic in how they allocate resources, as well as in the types of activities they undertake to protect valuable assets.

The budget spent on research and development by cyber-criminal organizations exceeds the cyber defense budgets for most countries. How in the world can a...

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