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10 types of cyberattacks to know and avoid

Becker's Hospital Review

Hannah Mitchell

Hospitals are increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks as the workforce sees major changes amid the pandemic.

Here are 10 cyberattack terms to know and watch out for to avoid data breaches:

1. Business email compromise (BEC): Cybercriminals send an email pretending to be a well-known source like a manager or vendor, according to the FBI. They often ask victims to purchase gift cards and send them the numbers on the card or change the direct deposit routing number to a new account.

2. Password spray attack: Adversaries acquire a large list of accounts and try many common passwords until they get a hit, according to Microsoft.

3. Brute force attack: Cybercriminals conduct research to go after one user, stalking social media and personal information, according to Microsoft. They try variants of this information until they are able to guess the password.

4. Pharming: Users can...

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