“The Future Is Here”: Why It’s Time for a Holistic Approach to Device Security


Kate Gamble

One of the areas hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic was data security. As remote work and virtual visits rapidly went from becoming the exception to the rule, it presented myriad challenges, from being able to provide enough devices for users, to being able to protect those devices — and the networks on which they run.

For CISOs and other IT and security leaders, it meant having to pivot from being focused on “hardening the outside as effectively as possible,” to realizing that the perimeter no longer exists, said Steven Aiello, Security Practice Director with AHEAD, during a recent webinar. “It was on everybody’s mind that we needed to make data more readily available.”

All of a sudden, initiatives like multifactor authentication that had been planned for 2021 or 2022 were being fast-tracked, despite the fact that most organizations were...

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