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‘A new dimension of fraud’: 6 cybersecurity execs weigh in on vaccine data hacks, manipulations and leaks

Becker's Hospital Review

Jackie Drees

When hackers infiltrated the European Medicines Agency systems late last year and leaked vaccine data from Pfizer and Moderna online, it signaled a new type of cyberattack that could have drastic effects on public health efforts.

In January, the EMA confirmed that some of its data from the pharmaceutical companies regarding their COVID-19 vaccines and treatments had been leaked online. However, before posting the information, the hackers manipulated the data in a way that “could undermine trust in vaccines,” the EMA said.

In February, reports began to surface that South Korea’s National Intelligence Service accused North Korea of attempting to hack into Pfizer’s systems to steal COVID-19 vaccine technology.

With cybersecurity attacks rising across the healthcare industry, Becker’s asked six...

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